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Frequently asked questions

How can I search a family/person?
  You can search a family/person in all online heritage books. The name is searched in the in the database, the entries of which are arranged in the order of the phonetic alphabet. In order to search a name and its versions, you can enter the wild card* (e.g. Pen* - result: Pentzel, Penzel, Benkert, Bennwitz, etc.). We recommend to enter name* and place to refine the search.
How can I refine the search result?
  The search result will be shown as follows:

You can further refine your search result by simply clicking the button "Refine search result".
How can I get the complete family sheet and which additional information
  do I get then?
  You can purchase the family sheet by clicking the button and paying 20 credits (= 20 EUROcents). Therefore, please register on our site and give some details on the kind of internet-access you use:

  • access via modem/ISDN: the purchased family sheet(s) will be sent to you in black/white (approximately 70 KB)
  • access via broadband (xDSL/wire): the purchased family sheet(s) will be sent to you in colour (approximately 300 KB)

The family sheet you receive (PDF) contains all available information about the family (such as detailed dates, professions, children, parents). (A free PDF reader can be downloaded from http://www.adobe.com/).
You can save and/or print the purchased family sheet(s) which is/are - for security reasons - valid for 180 minutes.

Sample family sheet 456KB (High quality)
Sample family sheet 56KB (Low quality)
How can I pay?
  Payment can be made by advance payment or paypal. The purchased credits will be available on your account immediately after receipt of payment. If you use paypal, the credits are immediately available on your account and can be used for the immediate purchase and saving of family sheets.
What is the amount of postage?
  Postage is only payable if you wish to purchase a complete printed heritage book (hard cover) and other commodities. The amount of postage depends on the country you wish the book/commodities to be shipped.
How can I become co-author and what are the advantages?
  Everyone who works on a heritage book can become co-author. If you wish to become co-author, please register on our site and contact us (post@vorfahr.de). Your account will then be defined as co-author account thus providing you co-auhtor access to the data base. This will enable you to upload your data (GEDCOM 5.5 format) to the server. The co-author is responsible for the data administration; he can change and complete data as well as add new data. If the co-author wishes so, we can generate his heritage book from the data base and make the printed version available here in our shop. The co-author's compensation for his work is a credit of 20 % of the sales price (quarterly). We assume that the sales cover the costs of homepage, programming/configuration and applied material.
Which software is applied?
  The data of the respective heritage books were compiled by us of the software Genwinplus and saved in GEDCOM-format. For further information, please refer to http://www.genpluswin.de.
How can we be sure that the individual data are correct (secure sources)?
  The data are retrieved from available heritage books. Individual pedigrees or ancestral lists were not included. Being significant sources, these heritage books were compiled from the respective church registers by historians, predominantly. Therefore, one can assume that most of the data are correct.
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